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Huge Hall Design Ideas


The high ceiling is everyone’s dream when it comes to their hall. It gives elegance. It provides space. And it gives the illusion of dominance. While this is the most ideal, it is very important to note the area of your hall. Is it huge enough? Does it offer several stories? If the answer is yes, then you came to the right article. The overall interior design is something to look forward to because of its true luxury design.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Huge Hall Design Ideas


Flooring - Do you love having a textured flooring? This beautiful creation is something that is very unique and magnificent. The design is like a painting and it is a masterpiece. The combination of marbled flooring incorporated with stunning teal and yellow is brilliant and lovely.

Sofa - gray and green will never go wrong when it comes to choosing the perfect color. The beautiful abstract patterns of white go well with the style of the room. Moreover, the gold throw pillows are something that you will definitely like.

Tables - gold, gold, and gold. Who does not love gold? This gold platted table partnered with stunning white is just so beautiful. The shape is unusual and you would not find it anywhere else.

Staircase - you are sure to have an easy movement when you utilize this huge staircase. The design is just adorable. The marble is stunning and the inclusion of dark brown wood is magnificent. Everything that you wish in a luxury hall is here.

Window - what can we say? This HUGE window is the dream of many homeowners. A huge, vertical and clean window that overlooks the beach. It is Totally a dream of many! The enormous windows are minimalist, neat and clean.

Curtains - when we have a huge window, then it is automatic that we will have a huge curtain. The curtains in this hall are sophisticated. Three shades of colors were utilized and the perfect hue of brown is well coordinated. From the lightest to the darkest, these three shades go well with the beauty of the window and the entire interior design.

Walls - minimalist and contemporary. These are the walls that are used in order to provide and pop the details of other furniture. Just because they are minimalist does not mean they are simple. These walls serve a great purpose and you will love it too!

Chandelier - a huge hall requires and even huge chandelier. These hanging lines of chandelier give you the vibe of a tropical five-star hotel. It is stunning and it is magnificent. Unique is an understatement and the details are just amazing.

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