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Best Interior Dubai Designer — Katrina Antonovich


Interior design is of great importance in our lives. After all, this art creates harmony and comfort in our homes. It is admirable. It is this direction that created the separation of things, colors and shapes into stylistic accessories. Thus, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere in every corner of the room. The person, who supervises all the processes and is a creative core specialist is interior designer. If you want to become a good designer, you need to know who you ought to be looking up to.

Katrina Antonovich - The Best Interior Designer In Dubai

Katrina Antonovich is the best interior designer in Dubai. Katrina’s incredibly charismatic and bright personality is striking in her love for this profession. Her works are bright and sometimes provocative, modern motifs in them are combined with fantasy and historical details. The interiors of this designer are filled with magic and a fairy tale: it is openwork, and at times extravagant furniture, precious stones on chandeliers as pendants, tables and floor lamps of unusual shapes.


“The interior designer is not an office profession,” — says Katrina Antonovich, a leading designer and architect of the Luxury Antonovich Design Corporate Group located in Dubai. Get ready to talk a lot: with clients, with suppliers, with contractors, with workers on the building site. You need to feel what exactly the customer wants and be able to come to an agreement with him in order to find a balance between his desires and his creative idea.

Sometimes you have to spend all day at a construction site or go shopping in search of a particular model of curtains or marble tiles. On other days, you will have to sit for 12 hours at a table, drawing sketches, making drawings or visualizing the interior. Consider that the work of designer is not for the lazy! “

Katrina designs the best presentable villas and houses, fashion boutiques and showrooms, makes stunning installations, designs fantastic furniture. It was the unusual and bright interiors created by Katrina that glorified Luxury Antonovich Design Company and made it the leader in its field. The source of her inspiration, the designer calls the world that surrounds her every day. Her style is elegance, graceful elegance.

Katrina Antonovich is a legendary person in the design world in Dubai. She is the head of Luxury Antonovich Design and is engaged in large-scale projects, developing the design of hotels, restaurants, houses and business centers. The designer is engaged in both the decoration of the premises and the development of the design of decorative objects, lighting devices, decor, furniture and fashion accessories. Interior designer is not just a job, it is a way of life. You have to generate ideas 24/7, constantly thinking about the next project, and if you are not eager to design, you will not be able to do it.

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