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Eco-Friendly Landscape Design: Creating a Sustainable Outdoor Haven

Green landscape design

Garden plots and private courtyards today take the form of civilized areas with well-appointed surroundings.It becomes a standard of suburban life. At the same time appears a special category - modern landscape design, in which the yard, garden are literally work of art. Our studio of landscape design in Saudi Arabia, Luxury Antonovich Design, will help the owners of country houses on their plots to realize the bold and stylish exclusive projects, demonstrating highly artistic elite tastes and aspirations. Elite landscaping services is worth of investments that will be required to create design VIP of territory.The experience of our landscape studio shows that unusual, creative projects are becoming more in demand and popular.

Nature helps to create an exclusive landscape design

When the landscape have elongated narrow ravine, landscape gardeners offer to create a surprisingly stylish Oriental design that visually hides the terrain, makes it harmonious and comfortable for entertaining.The elements of oriental style ideally reflect the exclusive focus of decoration - there is sure to be an artificial pond with stone banks, outlandish coastal plants and traditional lotus on the water surface. The stony path leading down the slope of the ravine to the elegant bridge will be decorated by stone sculptures or exotic group of stones.

If the site is located on the slope of the ravine, its relief is complicated by slumping soil down a slope, required work to strengthen the ravine, protection from possible destruction.There are more, by the way, fit Finnish, northern style. In it is dominated by low-growing trees, shrubs, with a strong root system. Roots will effectively strengthen the soil and the site will acquire a stylish look with elements of northern culture - low lattice fence, trellis, rocky paths, strange beauty of stones surrounded by the hardened plants by nature. Whatever style chosen by the customer, landscape companies Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design take into account their wishes, try to make an exclusive image in a harmonious unity of the arrangement of shapes and combinations thereof, it fits perfectly into the existing natural area.

Natural originality is created by creating compositions which are perfectly balanced and are closely related to each other natural components: land, air, and water; Flora and Fauna. Nature itself dictates creative ideas for the combination of its basic components, designers see the site possibilities, create unique solutions, which developed an exclusive landscape design.Options for basic designs are in the photos, layouts, three-dimensional computer images.

The material basis of elite beauty landscape design uae

Landscape contractors creation of any design solution landscape designer begins with the project, with the full package of documents proving the possibility of creating a composition, the use of expensive materials for an exclusive decoration territory in the suburban area. The first stage of the elite design - landscape design Dubai, is a creation of a model of functional zones (landscape maintenance) around the house. The individual characteristics of the territory are making, which consider all the nuances of the design, upcoming work directly on the ground. Initial generalized sketches give an opportunity to see the alleged image of the garden, patio, make any particular adjustments, in order that the design is fully consistent with the clients wishes.

Eco-friendly backyard with a rainwater harvesting system

Lush green garden with native plants

Energy-efficient landscape lighting in a green-designed yard

Sustainable landscape design featuring a green roof

Biodiverse garden attracting pollinators

Drought-tolerant plants in a water-saving garden

Outdoor living space with recycled materials

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