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Interior design painting

Interior design painting

Life are our happiness and joy. And each want to give them the best. An important part of comfort is her own room. Designers from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio create kids rooms interiors, where the journey to adulthood becomes a real fairy tale.

Each ideal environment bedroom design is based on three main principles:

  • Exclusive solutions
  • Child psychology features
  • The best materials and decoration items

In this luxury villa project, several childrens rooms interiors were designed according to the number and age of children. For the eldest daughter of the villa owners, in addition to the childs bedroom, a game room was designed. Everything is perfectly created so the child can play with favorite toys.

Usually in rooms interiors for girls aged 3-6 years, we choose light shades of pink. It perfectly reflects a delicate and lovely character of a child. Every detail underlines the exceptional love of parents to their child. And every detail of the decor reflects a combination of traditional aspects of Art Deco style and modern technologies. The ceiling is adorned with a large decorative flower. In the walls decor, the interior designers offered soft wall panels of pale pink silk. The room is divided into several zones. In one part, the furniture is designed in a form of a fairy-tale princess castle. There are comfortable and functionally placed toys and other items. In the center of the room, there is a seating area with large armchairs stylized like roses flowers. And on the opposite side of the game room, there is a semi-circular table for classes. The girl’s room interior is luxuriously completed with open showcases with mirrored panels.

A special role in the project is played by lights. With the help of the main chandelier and other light, the designers have created lines of perfect light which are useful for the childs eyes. On the floor, given the fact that at this age children spend a lot of time just playing on the floor, the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design offered a soft carpet with environmentally friendly and anti-allergenic features.

The absolute comfort in the bedroom is combined with a fabulous interior for the owners

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