Garden and landscape design

The most striking decoration of any garden, of course, are ornamental plants and flowers. But in order that they are not chaotically planted, original compositions with colorful landscape design pictures are created. It is the creation of such decor elements near the house called landscape design plans. Decorate your own site with flower beds that fill the air with delicious flavors, everyone can. Or you can hire experienced landscape designers.

In order to maximally effectively and harmoniously fill the territory with decorative elements, you should first create a small garden and landscape design project. To do this, just enough to stock up on paper, pencil and, naturally, fantasy. The first thing you need to decide on the style of garden and landscape design. And here it is necessary to be guided by simple and well-known rules: style expresses individuality, and therefore it must correspond to the owner of the house as much as possible.

When creating the landscape design plans the features of buildings, the shape of the site and its relief should be taken into account.

In order to create original landscape design plans backyard, it is not necessary to invent some complicated flowerbed shapes, the main thing is that they correspond to the buildings and harmoniously fit into the overall landscape design pictures. The simplicity of regular geometric shapes of flowerbeds will be filled with colorful and vivid flowers. However, this does not mean that you need to refuse to use flower beds of curved shapes, sometimes they become the highlight in landscape design plans backyard.

So, in order to create landscape design plans, you should take a site plan and draw on it planned or existing tracks and decorative elements that you want to see in your landscape design plans backyard.

Floral arrangements in the garden and landscape design are the main decoration, and therefore they should be ideal. There are a lot of options for creating flower beds, you can see on landscape design photos. It can be round flower beds in the middle of the lawn, edged with bricks or large stones, rectangular boxes with flowers in the form of stairs or standard concrete vases. Also, the small flower gardens arranged in specially made flower beds between the fence and the backyard look original.

In order to plants well growing and pleased you by their look all seasons, before landing, you need to properly prepare the flower bed. First of all, the soil should be mixed with gravel and sand to ensure a good outflow of moisture from the soil and limit the amount of fertilizer. Next, plants should be planted at a sufficient distance so that they can grow and develop without interfering with each other. It is also worth noting that it is best to water such flowerbed in the morning so that all the moisture evaporates during the day.

Plants without enough moisture quickly die. Also, the attitude of plants to the shade should be taken into account, some flowers in a shaded area will quickly die, while others will grow and develop on the contrary.

Speaking of plant varieties, we can not fail to mention that all the flowers decorate your garden and landscape design. Just look at the landscape design photos on our website.