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Futuristic Creative Bedroom Interior Design


Have yourself a very modern and futuristic interior design all made by the hands of Luxury Antonovich Design team. Their multi-awarded group of excellent interior designers has crafted many types of luxury interior designs and decorations ranging from any style that you wish to have. This interior design is very clean and neat. The blue light is uniquely made and the shapes are just beyond gorgeous. Each and every part of this gorgeous bedroom has functionality. They are not made for decoration only but all have an individual purpose to make sure that a user at the same time beautifully created bedroom is done for those who wish to have a luxury piece of a place in their house.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Futuristic Designs

The minimalist chandelier is very unique and stunning. It's created in a very established way to have a magnificent style. It's in every way gorgeous and futuristic. It will surely go well to that bedroom or any room in your house that wish to have a minimalist look and feel. On the side is the curtains in a clean light blue color palette. The design is simple yet beautiful, and a lot of personality despite its simplicity. This curtain gives the room an additional clean look. It is sure gorgeous and it goes from floor to ceiling. We are sure in Luxury Antonovich Design that you will love having this in your bedroom interior! On the other side of the room is the minimalist television set. The light surround is just amazingly created. This will give your room the additional light that it needed. The door side of the room has another stunning look and atmosphere. This off-white table and chair are just beautiful and clean to look at. Who would not want to have a room with such stunning furniture set that not only is royal in vibes but also clean in design? Not to mention the very unique door! This door design is everything that a modern bedroom deserves. The pattern is just amazingly crafted. Each and every detail of this door is created to give the room it's the futuristic atmosphere and we are sure it lives up to its theme!

Now to the bed! This bedroom set is something that is not common in your neighborhood. The metallic gray and light blue colors are surely on top of its game. This color combination is not usual, especially for luxury houses. But Luxury Antonovich Design made sure that the theme of this house will go smoothly and beautiful at the same time. Every piece of this bedroom set is certified to be unique and cool. The bedsheet is super magnificent combined with its minimalist atmosphere.

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