The luxurious first impression about a house is created by hall design.

We pay particular attention to this part of the design a house. Typically, the entrance interior has particularly ornate and magnificent features. Especially if the villa design is in a classic style.

Building plans always take into account wishes of customers, their style of life and status. In this villa project in Abu Dhabi, the great classics has acquired elegant and festive features. On the background of the concise ceiling decor, the floor decor looks very bright. The snow-white expanse of the ceiling is completed with additional lights. The marble floor at the stairs portal is decorated with fanciful carved patterns.

The carved pattern with lovely curls is a great decoration of the marble staircase. The staircase in this part of the house became the main decoration. Each marble step is decorated with carved patterns of the darker marble. To enhance the expressiveness of the composition and add notes of comfort, each step is lit with the LED line. A balustrade with railings made of wood begins with two fine columns with crystal decor.

In the walls decor, the interior designers proposed plaster of a noble gray color. It perfectly sets off the front door made of wood of valuable species. Another focus on the festive mood became mirror panel inserts with decorative brass ornaments. Two round tables with crystal vases and flowers set the homely mood.

This lovely interior story continued in other rooms. And we will be happy to tell you these stories in the next articles of our blog.