Elite carpets, which can be bought at the Salon Luxury Antonovich Design, are designed to create truly premium interiors. Charm and perfection of models verify - you see the manifestation of unrestrained inspiration and masterful handwork. Carpets from Italy are works of art from famous brands. Connoisseurs of the exclusive decoration of the house can choose natural Italian carpets of usual and unusual shapes, sizes, in all variants of colors and patterns. Salon Luxury Antonovich Design - offers to buy five amazing collections. Design collections include trendy models of carpets of different colors. You can buy an elite carpet in the classical oriental style or order an individual, unique product. Manufacture at the factories of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iran and Nepal, where traditional techniques of hand-carpet weaving are used.

Elite carpets from Italy

If you buy an elite carpet, you will be overwhelmed by its unique style, full of luxury. It is often expressed either in haughty light hues of pearl, ivory, or in a vivid contrast to the black and white, of the Art Deco epoch. Materials are also elite - natural fur, silk, wool, and others. The "business card" of Italian carpets is a chain of large ovals, an elegant monogram. You can recognize the carpet from Italy by a soft beige pile of llama fur, ponies. For the basis masters prefer to take felt, decorating their masterpieces with the finishing of natural leather, embossed in the form of a fashion brand logo. Such a piece of Italy you want to buy at first sight!

Buy a carpet from Italy, choosing of any noble background tone, designers work with the texture. The accent can be material, undoubtedly, natural, a certain length of pile, shining inscriptions or other methods. Our elite carpets are worthy to buy them. But to choose the "one", we recommend to find out the opinion of recognized designers. In order to create an atmosphere of coziness, bliss and unique style in the apartment, it is necessary to pay attention to exclusive carpets. Elite carpets - not only a symbol of wealth and prosperity of their respective owners but also a sign that the owners of the house are experts in interior decoration. Large carpets are always bohemian chic. People of art - poets, artists, musicians - had liked to welcome guests in the hall, which was decorated with expensive carpets. Coco Chanel and many other French and Italian designers admired beautiful carpets. Especially the creators liked luxury carpets, modern carpets and unusual carpets - with bright colors, thick pile, soft and warm. And today you can find Prada carpets, Versace carpets and MEXX carpets and other designers who are trying to express their creativity in carpet making.

Such non-standard carpets attract attention and talk about the good taste of their owner. They also can visually, with the help of effective texture and geometric pattern, increase or, conversely, narrow the space. Decorative carpets allow you to divide the room into zones. With their help in the living room is possible to allocate the work area and recreation area, and the kitchen - the place for meal and cooking. Unusual carpets should be in those rooms where the active part of life passes. And in rooms for sleeping or rest it is preferable to have one-color carpets of large sizes with a soft pile. But what are they - fashionable carpets? Really different! More often than not, these are large carpets covering the entire floor in the room. They not only look exquisite but also help keep the warmth in the apartment. And, of course, these are extraordinarily beautiful carpets, many of which were created by famous designers and are available only in one copy. Stylish carpets are always exclusive carpets. But only expensive carpets can be elite.Which are considered to be family values and are passed on from parents to children for many generations in a row.

It is these elite and exclusive author's carpets, the Luxury Antonovich Design salon offers. For over 20 years we have been selling only the best premium products from the world's leading manufacturers. Our elite carpets meet the highest requirements. They are made of the finest materials, have original designs and meet strict environmental standards. But the most important salon Luxury Antonovich Design offers a huge selection of carpets from cult brands: carpets with Swarovski crystals. Branded carpets are modern carpets, but woven by hand, in distant Tibet or Nepal, but according to the ideas of European designers. They are flamboyant and worthy of a place in the collection of postmodern art connoisseur.

Look, choose, order! Our managers and designers will always answer your questions and help you purchase exactly the carpet that will make your home cozy and beautiful. No wonder there is a saying that the carpet is a smile at home, because decorative carpets, luxury carpets, modern carpets and grand carpets can raise the mood of each of the household. Buying stylish carpets in our store of elite carpets, you save the most valuable - your time. In the shortest time we will deliver or fitting carpets, and if you want, we will create a unique design according to your idea. And you will enjoy the creative process of choosing the perfect carpets for you, and after that - you will admire the carpet masterpiece. After all, beautiful carpets are not just floor coverings, but unique works of art - real poetry.