Regardless is the original interior of the house or apartment, our design studio will create a comprehensive design project, paying attention to every room.. This also applies to the hallway, which is a miniature transition zone between the entrance and the apartment. Since the hall - is the first thing you and your guests see in the house, to its designing, should be given approach with great responsibility. Interior hallway forms the first impression - as the house as a whole, and its owners. And change these sensations in the future is very difficult.

House decorating ideas of Katrina Antonovich

Often hallways in apartment buildings differ small area, poor layout, low ceilings. However, if you order room decor ideas from experienced expert, every flaw can easily be turned into an advantage. In the interior of the entrance hall, a warm and cozy atmosphere from the first step will wrap you and your loved ones, as well as people who come to visit you. In most of the hallways, there is no natural light, and this is one of the main problems of creating the spectacular interior. As a solution you should use several design techniques: 

The first thing to remember about colors - visually broaden the space and fill it with light could help warm pink, pale yellow and any other pastel colors.

The second method - the skillful use of artificial light and, above all, colorful but elegant lamps. If the light output from them direct from the bottom up, it will create the illusion of increasing the height of the ceilings. Since it is proved that low premises provoke stress, such the play of light will help stabilize and improve the mood of the person.

In addition, spotlights with an adjustable direction of light stream allow to zoning the entrance hall. In each decorating ideas of individually illuminated areas, can be placed a certain element of the decor - a shelf with a vase, a painting or a photograph, ottoman or panels. It is enough to slightly change the direction of the light beam, and your interior decorating ideas will get a new look, and home design will play in other colors.

Great idea - the use of mirrors in the hallway. Horizontal mirror expands the room, while the vertical placement visually increases the height. Keep in mind that the negative effect is placing mirrors at an angle to the plane of the wall and facing each other - you should avoid such provisions.

Furnishings and decor

Care should be taken so that the entrance hall was not a room littered with unnecessary things. For those items and accessories that would be good to have on hand in the hallway, you should arrange a special place. This allows maintaining order. For outer clothing and shoes, hats, newspapers, umbrellas, bags special places provided.

Returning home decor ideas after a hard day's work, we strive to find rest and peace of mind. So let the relaxation begin with an entrance hall, and contribute to this will every detail of the expertly designed interior. Contact our design studio! And your entrance hall will become beautiful, stylish and comfortable!