Elite And Exclusive Curtains Design


Everyone needs their own home, wonderful, comfortable, with character. Windows are the eyes of the house, and therefore, always require special attention. Tailoring of curtains on an individual project developed by the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design, taking into account your preferences, is a key characteristic of luxury curtains. The peculiarity of this performance depends on the selected materials and accessories.

Elite curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design is an exclusive decoration of windows, produced in a single copy, which means that you will not find them anywhere else. These can be baroque curtains or Empire, modern or minimalism, the main thing is that they fit perfectly into the surrounding interior design. Our craftswomen know a lot about textile and fabrics, they are lead by the laws and principles of beauty and artistic design, they are very fond of textiles and are able to sew luxury curtains beautifully and accurately.


Good repair of the house requires at least a quality environment. Exclusive curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design is a decoration of window openings created by a unique design, which is successfully complemented by other textile elements — pillows, blankets, chair covers. An individual sketch, fabrics of excellent quality and appropriate accessories are the main distinguishing features of exclusive curtains made by our talented craftswomen.

We process curtains in any interpretations with different technics. Any design of curtains and any decoration in any style is available: artificial flowers, ruffles, fringe, pompons, decorative buttons, appliques, embroidery, batik, flock printings, prints, various bows, draperies and ribbons.

In Luxury Antonovich Design Company you can order tailoring of curtains in various styles and interpretations:

— Curtains for arched windows;

— Lambrequins;

— French curtains;

— Lace curtains;

— Curtains with piping;

— Curtains with finishing ribbon;

— Curtains with ruffles;

— Curtains with decorative flowers;

— Multi-layer curtains.

We create curtains from expensive, safe and beautiful fabrics — natural silk, velvet and cotton and many more. Unusual patterns on the curtains and expensive hand-made embroidery from Luxury Antonovich Design can always become their elegant interior decoration.

Curtains made by our exclusive design are perfectly combined with a variety of styles of rooms. Such curtains will ideally fit into classical, luxury, modern or east style.