Classic Exterior House Design


The design of the exterior of the house is one of the most important factors that make up the idea of its owners, their taste and material capabilities. In order for the building to look the same as in the artist’s drawing or on computer visualization, our designers and architects from Luxury Antonovich Design take into account many features of the terrain: proximity to water, reliefs, climatic conditions. That is why the exquisite exterior of a country house arises when combining the fantasies of the architect, the owners of the house and the real possibilities of nature and landscape.

The exterior design of the country house from Luxury Antonovich Design elegantly and comfortably combines the feeling of old and new. The exterior of the house in classical style was created on the basis of the order system (classical order) , the essential attributes of which are used in creation this composition — columns, balustrades, attic, cornices, sculptural compositions, as well as traditional moldings in the form of a meander, palmette, acanthus leaf and garlands. The forms and lines of the exterior of the house in classic style, made performed by Luxury Antonovich Design are clear, the geometry of the exterior successfully emphasizes the rust, located on the sides of the house.


The appearance of the facade of this house created by Luxury Antonovich Design is decorated in a fresh classic style. This is evidenced by the pastel light fit-out of walls, which create a good contrast with the dark brown roof fit-out of a natural shade. Every detail is thought out: the house looks equally good both in bright daylight and in the twilight. Skillful use of lamps allows to distribute light sources so that everything is perfectly visible. At the same time, the direction of lighting allows to emphasize all the advantages of the house exterior, and create a special atmosphere.

The classic style of exterior is traced not only in color, but also in straight lines, windows shapes and texture. The house is surrounded by greenery, which emphasizes the location of the building in the surrounding space, shows the relevance of the background of the landscape, and how wonderful it fits into the environment. While working on the project of this beautiful exterior design, our architects have invested a lot of strength and knowledge, approached the implementation of the plan with all their experience and skills.