In the dreams and plans of the new house plans and designs be sure to think about the fact that this house should be not only beautiful but also did not like the others. The brightness and individuality in fashion today, as never before.  Along with the fact that now in vogue,  a lot of architectural styles, combinations, each  House planning from Elite Design Studio Antonovich Design becomes a vivid reflection of the modern age and true works of architectural art.

Exclusive house building plans decisions of designers and architects - is the first step to ensuring that your home was special, reflect your status, nature and taste great.

House planning design ideas give certainty and clarity.The individual plan allows maximum consideration of the comfort and functionality of future housing, a number of rooms, their location, and size.  Our solid experience in design and construction of residential houses and public buildings ensures that each architectural design of the house is the perfect embodiment of all the wishes of the customer.  Your success, solid status, nobility and aristocratic family roots will emphasize  luxurious mansion, which will be established on an individual project. What a house, what style you choose, whether it's a classic style, Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco or modern style with a touch of minimalism or hi-tech, will be the exclusive decision that will emphasize your excellent taste and outstanding personality.
Applying to architecture firm with a solid status, which is Antonovich Design, you not only get your dream home. It will be a great investment. After all, a beautiful house always distinguished by investment attractiveness, and if it is original and unique 3d house plans, over the years, perhaps even increase in price.
What is an individual architectural project house design plans? This building project, which is designed precisely for a particular family.This takes into account the wishes of each household, their passions, preferences, and age at the time of construction of the house. The house designed by this project will be surprisingly comfortable, as each room is designed so that for all family members  in the house will be very comfortable and cozy. Exclusive  architectural projects, as a rule, ordered by  people who prefer individuality and originality in everything.
Before starting work on the project, the studio architects will closely communicate with customers, trying to hear and understand each family member. This helps to create in the future the perfect  exclusive house plans with pictures. If your child is passionate about painting, our architects will provide  a small studio in the house with the required amount of daylight. If someone in the family is interested in gardening, a special area near the house will be provided for this. Every detail, down to the character traits we take into consideration creating your perfect plan of house.
We will respect your wishes on of the facade exterior, beautiful house plans, the building color, the texture of building materials and many other aspects, such as wind protection, fences. We will create a Nigerian house plans that will be the subject of your pride. There will be enough space for a good rest and fruitful work, for the holidays with friends and family.

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