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Dining Room Design for Luxury


Luxury Antonovich Design is here to have an amazing design to have an undeniably pleasant and additional astounding inside structure. Our structures go far and you will certainly have a lifetime of greatness in your inside. Impeccable, flawless, extravagance in every corner. Experience what's living in the highest point of your neighborhood. Experience liberality and style with this stunning interior, with the most shocking quality structure plans. To proceed with the elegance of the inside by Luxury Antonovich Design, we consolidated the shading dark colored. It is a warm and safe shading, it represents or needs to have basic things around us. Dark colored is routinely the shading we call wood or timber, it is grainy and in a general sense healthy. Yet, in this inside plan, we ensured that darker turns out exquisite and rich. We cherish it darker. It has displaced the unbiased dull and the dark-colored looks extraordinary in the general styling. Darker is all around put in each highlight of the cream room. This time not facilitated with orange but instead continuously subtle normal tones of caramel and tan, cream and cream. It even looks extremely rich beside cream inside accents. 

Katrina Antonovich - Versatile Dining Room Designer


We at Luxury Antonovich Design give an extravagance answer for your inside structure needs. This inside plan by Luxury Antonovich Design utilized a shading that is basic in most inside: the shading Cream, yet that doesn't imply that this inside structure is not unique. Luxury Antonovich Design put their hearts into this undertaking to make a ravishing inside. Keeping the surfaces clean and germ-free. The vast majority of the accents are gold. Gold looks astonishing when teamed up with dull, high difference rich ground surface. The incredible look of dark colored and cream is unendingly conspicuous. A cream is restoring and cool in any circumstances. We picked the best creams for this home. It is essential to explore all of the tones in the cream family while lighting up in all cream. To achieve a strong elegant and refined cream inside, we used an assortment of cream tones through a mix of paint, enrichments, complex design, and additional items. Luxury Antonovich Design picked the perfect cream for this house. In Luxury Antonovich Design, the group is lead by me, Katrina Antonovich. The immense group isn't just in its center on account of my capable and expert staff yet has additionally accomplished a lot of honors not just in Dubai, in the Middle East as well as over the entire world.

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