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Luxury Living Room Design


Marbles, silver, brown and gold are the colors utilized in this extravagant and very luxurious interior design. This stunning room is a masterpiece. A glossier gold for entries and window outlines. These tones can help make the specific vibe that you prerequisite for your space. Concerning adorning your home to look marvelous and uncommonly made, hues ought to be wonderful. Gold is a hot precedent at the present time and we set out to express that this tasteful shading is mainstream. Allow your space to shimmer by choosing gold accents that would increase the value of the style of your room. Imagine all of those pretty furniture under your room. We're sure you'll take pride in the last look! Clean the look of your room with gold strips that you can consolidate with your picked trimmings. For an extra chic look, you can layer your gold strips with silver ones. It tries a combination that deals with the style of the room and ties together the entire space. All you require is to pick a material you like or a piece that keeps running with your style and hang it. It might be a weaved work of art, a macramé embroidered artwork, a mountable travel knickknack, or even just a wonderfully printed scarf.

Katrina Antonovich - Superior Living Room Designer


Any furnishings in your home can be glamorized by including a fundamental gold sprinter that is impeccable all throughout the entire year. We added gold accents to your home through metal apparatus, foundations, and unsettling. The awesome thing about gold as an enhancement shading is that it may be facilitated with fundamentally anything. Counting gold and style, the power of the general impact is astonishing. This makes Luxury Antonovich Design extremely surprising in both compositional scenes and inside the structure industry. Luxury Antonovich Design enables its customers to determinedly affect the world through an emerging game plan experience revamp for what the customer inclines toward. Luxury Antonovich Design's portfolio doesn't just circuit a pack of pretty pictures; their mix of gifted coordinators and inside fashioners and fantastically styled scenes show a solid notion of power in structure. Katrina Antonovich gathers every last bit of her structures into a rich precious stone that is a blend of praiseworthy plans and action and encounters interfacing from retail to private. Katrina's work portfolio gives everyone a sneak take a gander; every plan is all around set and relative, and every errand gives you some appreciation about who and what each space is for. 

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