Fabric might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you look for a sofa and cushion. However, if you start to learn and notice the different fabric styles you will be amazed at how it may affect the choices that you have. These fabrics have many variations which help you decide in decorating your home. It is best to choose a fabric that adds accent to your home, you can also choose a fabric that will blend well with your home's theme and aesthetics. These are some of the categories of fabrications that is perfect for your sitting room. 

  • Natural fiber: Natural fibers are plant-based which is durable and easier to maintain. 
  • Synthetic: Synthetic fabrics are made to resemble natural fabrics but they are not natural, they are made with chemicals and It is more durable because.
  • Leather: Leather fabrics are high-quality and it is not easily ruined, it also adds a musky look that makes a bold statement to the room.


Cushions also play a big part in your interior design. You might think that it is just a small pillow but it also adds accent to your home's decorative style. It makes the room look aesthetically pleasing and cushions also complement the sofa. There are also different fabrications for cushion. 

  • Cotton and Linen Mix: These are the perfect combination for cushion material because it is gentle with the skin and it also comes with different prints and patterns which will add beauty to any room, especially the living room. 
  • Polyester: This is one of the best fabrics for the sofa and pillow because it is easy to wash and dry. It is also resistant to wrinkling and shrinking. 

  • Velvet: Though this is a warm fabrication it is still best to use it to add a different texture to your home. Having a fun a quirky piece makes a room stand out. 
  • Knitted: Knitted is a great fabric especially on colder places. It adds a rich and bold statement to any room that is it added with. It brings a texture that is unique and gorgeous. 
  • Fur: You might see fur most of the time, and it is a great fabric to incorporate with your sofa. 

We make sure that we provide the best and premium fabric cushion and sofa that will last long. These fabrics may not be too important but the right fabrication will add elegance and accent to your home. It is also one of the things that you need to consider because it adds an aesthetically beautiful look to your home. These fabrications prints and patterns add a stylish and dynamic look to your home. Feel free to message us if you wish to have a customized sofa and cushion upholstery.