Curtains with lambrequin are one of the integral elements of the interior, which not only protects the windows and the room from prying eyes but also performs an aesthetic function, complementing interior design and harmoniously fitting into the overall decor. Because of the wide variety of assortment and the many options presented by manufacturers, today it is quite popular to order curtains via the Internet. On our website, each client can view a huge variety of models, choosing what harmoniously fits into the interior of the room and will delight with beauty and originality.

Sophistication and refinement

Lambrequin with curtains in the kitchen is called a decorative drapery, which is hung in the upper part of the window opening to embellish the curtains. This solution makes it possible to make the interior elegant, refined and unusual. A curtain with a lambrequin can be installed either on a separate or a joint cornice. Through installation on a separate cornice, drapery performs a dual function, being both a masking (conceal the cornice) and a decorative element. Most often this element is used to decorate windows in rooms made in the style of Romanticism, the Victorian era, bringing a romantic touch to the decor and making it complete.

You can order curtains of any models, sizes, colors, textures, etc. The client can choose a suitable variant among the already presented products, and order individually custom-made product, independently choosing the fabric, specify all sizes. If necessary, it is possible to get designer's assistance, who will help create curtains with lambrequins, which will perfectly fit into the overall design of the room decoration.

Different styles of interior

Order curtains with lambrequins must be made depending on the style in which the room interior designed. So, to give the room rigor and elegance, choose patterns with calm hues, light textures, and regular shapes, with straight flounces and strict geometry. At the same time, for the styles Provence, Country, Ethnic are preferable:

Bright contrasting colors;
A big quantity of flounces;
Use of different textures fabrics;
A big quantity of folds, etc.

On our website is presented a lot of different models of curtains for offices and apartments, among which each client will be able to choose something that meets his wishes and requirements.