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Classic Extravagant Exterior Design


Living in a mansion would mean that you need the best exterior design service in the world. It requires huge investment not just in time but also in budget. Nevertheless, if you have all these, consider having a classic luxurious house that has all the needed necessities for a house. Luxury Antonovich Design and its team of talented architects and designers are equipped with enough studies and skills to come up with a luxurious house; be it exterior or interior. Their design skills are top-notch and they always priority having a house that fits one's needs. The design process that they take is above the norm with details that are superior and great.

Katrina Antonovich - Top Exterior Design Maker

The colors of this luxurious exterior design would go well to any middle eastern homes. The design is magnificent with curvings that are beautiful. The numerous post in the facade also gives a mid-century impression which works best to those who wish to have a home that resembles the past. This two-story luxury home also has elegant windows that are clear and neat. The shapes are stunning and the design is beautiful.

The other side of the house also serves as a relaxation spot for the family. The beautiful pond is well-designed and the landscape is gorgeous. The backyard is nice to look at and you would want to have a rest in the afternoon by the pond because of its calming feel and vibe. This portion of the house is something unique and cool at the same time. It is rare to see a place where you can freely enjoy cooling off. A home which lets use be at your best while relaxing. The exterior design is also equipped with numerous plants that go well with the luxury vibe of the home.

Luxury Antonovich Design uses several materials and detailed designs to come up with the facade of this home. Its team of architects and designers are of great value and the materials are outsourced in and out of the country to have the best of the best designs. The beautiful creation is not only cool to look at, but it is also functional and has the sense of being magnificent all in all. You would want to see the interior design of this house because of the luxuriousness of the exterior. It is also very important for Luxury Antonovich Design to have an amazing facade because it serves as the first impression of the home. Not only did we come up with an excellent design, but the details of the facade with its amazing floor plan is also considered. The floor plan of this house extandes from not only the usual but it is made with beautiful design. 

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