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Trends: Marble and Its Use in the Furniture Manufacture


Furniture made of natural stone is an elite and reliable product that gives the interior a luxurious, rich look. It will not go out of fashion and remain unique. You can order furniture made of natural stone in our design studio Luxury Antonovich design both according to your sketches, and according to exclusive projects of our specialists. Tables, chandeliers, garden benches and other interior details are so beautiful and durable that you can not resist them!

Katrina Antonovich Creates Exclusive Marble Furniture Projects

For production of designer furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design, natural marble and other stones are used. They perfectly emphasize the elegance and beauty of any room interior. Marble furniture has a wide range of styles, colors and designs. Thanks to the use of natural stone, marble furniture not only looks stylish, but also differs in its strength and resistance to any conditions. Such furniture always remains in fashion.

Types of marble furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design:

— basic furniture;

— benches;

— garden (outdoor) furniture;

— bedroom furniture;

— marble counter tops;

— marble tables;

— marble worktops;

— chairs.


Dining marble tables, chairs, benches, marble counter tops make up the bulk of marble furniture, which is used for the decoration of various rooms. Other types of marble furniture also look exquisite in the interior: vases, marble sculptures, statues, and others. Designer garden and outdoor furniture can be made of solid marble as well as in combination with other materials. Marble tables are not only marble counter tops and legs, but also a different combination of different materials. As options, it can be:

  • marble counter tops and marble legs (encrustation with semiprecious stones or other materials is possible depending on ideas and desires);
  • marble counter tops and forged legs (marble can not only be inlaid with semi-precious stones, but different patterns can also be engraved, you are limited only by imagination);
  • marble counter tops and wooden legs (this choice is often suitable for country houses or the so-called chateau);
  • marble counter tops and leather-covered metal legs);
  • onyx worktop with backlight (a coffee table can also serve as a lamp, if necessary).

If you decide to buy marble furniture, then Luxury Antonovich Design Company will help you in choosing and buying furniture in accordance with your requirements and wishes. You can buy marble furniture from us as the manufacturer at the most affordable price. Our company offers you a wide selection of furniture, as well as various sculptures and stone vases that can complement the interior and exterior of your home.

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