Classic Dining Room Design

Katrina Antonovich - Best in Classic Designs
Katrina Antonovich - Best in Classic Designs


This interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design used a color that is very common in the most interior: the color White, but that doesn’t mean that this interior design is basic and usual. Luxury Antonovich Design put their hearts into this project to create a gorgeous interior. White is the most ordinarily utilized shading in inside structure, particularly in regions where showering, cleaning and sustenance planning are predominant. This is because of the way that you can see whatever shows up on white and wipe it up, keeping the surfaces clean and germ-free. The gorgeous ceiling in this interior is also white, most of the accents are white, and a decent extent of the room is white. The way that everything runs with white looks stunning. White gives us the impression of neatness and great cleanliness, this is another motivation behind why we like to utilize white in a dining area. White mirrors all light so it influences spaces to seem bigger and that is the reason it is utilized on the ceiling. White looks dazzling when collaborated with dark, high contrast elegant flooring. The great look of brown and white is perpetually prominent. White is reviving and cool in any situations. We picked the best shading whites for this home. It is basic to investigate every one of the tones in the white family while brightening in all white as white isn't really a shading however a tone and trust it or not there are several varieties and shades of white out there. To accomplish a solid tasteful and refined white inside, we utilized a variety of white tones through a blend of paint, decorations, stylistic layout, and extras. Luxury Antonovich Design picked the ideal white for this house.


To continue the elegance of the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design, we incorporated the color brown. It is a warm and safe shading, it exemplifies or wants to have common things around us. Brown is regularly the shading we call wood or timber, it is grainy and in a general sense hearty. But in this interior design, we made sure that brown comes out elegant and luxurious. We love it darker. It has supplanted the impartial dark and the brown looks great in the overall styling. Brown is well-placed in every accent of the white room. This time not coordinated with orange but rather progressively inconspicuous common tones of caramel and tan, cream and white. It even looks very luxurious next to white interior accents.