Children's Bedroom Design Dubai, UAE

Katrina Antonovich - Top Designer for Children's Room
Katrina Antonovich - Top Designer for Children's Room


Making a bedroom for children needs to be engaging and should feel "lived in" and it can frequently be an overwhelming errand, particularly if your child has a lot of things that he/she likes in a bedroom. Be that as it may, from the staff of Luxury Antonovich Design, the test was how to incorporate a distinct luxury identity into space as well as how to bring the fun in every child's preferred bedroom. The outcome is a wisely planned space that exploits the elegant colors, magnificent details, huge space, and gorgeous styling while showing the value of a children's bedroom which is fun, warm yet sophisticated. To keep up a vital separation from the chaos and free up floor space, a huge TV that serves as an entertainment comfort in elegant finish completes the look. Close to keeping wires and affiliations shrouded, the room is safe from any danger as the children play; set against the full-stature round mirrors. Inferred for rest and some tranquil time, the room shows calming tints to make a quiet and peaceful inclination. While the fair tones are still outstandingly clear, Luxury Antonovich Design mixed signs of blue to liven it up and incorporate an animating touch. Next, to the huge window, vertical curtains were also added to illuminate the space and give it a warm vibe. The spaces on the contrary side of the room give the adequate ability to pieces of clothing, extra sheets, and other individual things.


Luxury Antonovich Design delivered another fabulous great bedroom plan in which they added some advanced components to give it a bend. Blue and brown are the principle shade of this exemplary children's bedroom that appears to catch the eyes in wonder. It is cool and unwinding and it encapsulates a strong shading in which it complements a few regions of the house. The shading palette gave more measurement to the room and it is all the more luring and satisfying to the eyes. We used materials that are unquestionably increasingly characteristic and nearly culminated towards luxury. The correlative hues tan and dark was picked in this exemplary structure. It offers a feature to the brown and blue shading without overwhelming the designs giving it a luxury differentiating look. The furniture and accents that were picked are uniform with one another. The details influence the space to appear to be increasingly extensive that gives more space to the great room design structure. This elegant bedroom development is only one of many best plans that the company has made.