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Children Room Design by Katrina Antonovich: Delicate Luxury with Exotic Motifs


The design and fit-out of a modern children's room causes a huge amount of furious debate, which includes not only designers, but also psychologists. What ideas are in the air today, which approach deserves the most attention when designing a kids room, and what does a changeable interior fashion says about it?

Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich Presents the Best Kids' Room Design

Thinking about the design of the main room in the house — children's room, designers of Luxury Antonovich Design take into account many factors, for example: what will form the basis of design. Modern children's rooms are formed in a certain interior style, taking into account the child’s favorite images.

Katrina Antonovich and Her Perfect Ideas For Children's Room Decoratiion

A teenage girl is no longer quite a child, and her room can be roughly called a kids room. The transitional age requires change, which is why our leading designer Katrina Antonovich advises to get rid of the old fit-out, decor, furniture and create a stylish interior that will correspond to the lifestyle of a young girl and provide her with the opportunity to express herself.

Children Room Design by Katrina Antonovich: Delicate Luxury with Exotic Motifs


The classic interior style with gypsum moldings, elegantly draped curtains, crystal chandeliers and elegant furniture with carved details and luxurious upholstery will appeal to romantic teenage girls, says Katrina Antonovich, the author of luxurious projects for children's rooms. This interior from Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized by its mirror decor, noble finishes, the use of premium fit-out materials and designer lamps. Similar design decisions are a real find for the design of a children's room for a teenage girl. In such a luxurious interior she will always feel like a real lady.

Children Room Design by Katrina Antonovich: Delicate Luxury with Exotic Motifs

Warm gamut in beige colors are a great option for decorating a room for a child of any age. As a basis, the leading designer of Luxury Antonovich Design Katrina Antonovich advises to take a light palette consisting of cream, beige shades, and complementing it with pink or lilac details. Beige is a noble color that has many shades and is perfect for interior decoration, and is also optimal for creating countless decor options that can vary depending on the age, preferences and needs of the child.

Children's room interior design in classic style is perfect for creative natures. Elegant lamps and fashionable textiles, the design of which was created under the leadership of Katrina Antonovich, create a cozy atmosphere in the room, and bright details emphasize the individuality of the hostess.

Children Room Design by Katrina Antonovich: Delicate Luxury with Exotic Motifs

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