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Notable Influence of Leading Interior Designer — Katrina Antonovich

Leading Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich


The queen of luxurious glamour and the creator of restrained elegance worthy of a presidential suite — this is how you can describe the projects of Katrina Antonovich — a talented and influential interior designer. Being the chief director, leading architect and designer of Luxury Antonovich Design, she brings an update to every project, not forgetting to maintain tradition. With her light hand of successful designer, Dubai villas and Hollywood mansions acquire recognizable features of historical and cultural traditions of other countries. Top designer Katrina Antonovich often uses traditional motifs for decoration in different countries, such as:

  • Moroccan rugs;
  • elements of Arabian architecture;
  • decoration as in Venetian mansions.

Top Interior Designer of Modern Times - Katrina Antonovich

Being also a great decorator, Katrina Antonovich successfully combines antiques with modern, creating a unique recognizable style. Now Miss Antonovich is one of the most sought-after interior designers. She creates in homes, apartments and hotels that unique atmosphere of glamour and comfort for which customers are willing to pay any price. Her style is very bright, and characterized as luxurious modernism with a touch of glamour. It is expressed in the use of non-standard colors, a large number of textiles and bright design accessories. In addition to interior design, Katrina Antonovich is engaged in the design of fabrics, furniture and lighting. And these hobbies are perfectly reflected in her unique projects.

High-End Interior Design by Katrina Antonovich


Katrina Antonovich is known as a designer who creates interiors not only for celebrities, but also for non-public people. The main thing, says Katrina, is the interaction of the designer and the client, the interior and its inhabitants. That is why her interiors are not only creative, but also very comfortable, and even cozy. Moreover, it is absolutely impossible to find several identical works in her performance, each is a manifestation of individuality.

This once again confirms that the designer creates an interior for the customer, for his character and unique habits. Original and not similar to each other interior design projects, they contain a recognizable emphasis of the author — many accessories that are so skillfully combined that they do not interfere with everyday life at all.

World Famous Interior Designer Katrina Antonovich

Katrina Antonovich says that she, as a designer, is inspired by unusual fabrics and textures, the play of light and shades, luxurious and unusual things for mood. Designer and decorator Katrina Antonovich is in demand in the USA, UAE and Europe. Her style is always elegant, with impeccable taste and color. Design interiors are always bright and recognizable, because Katrina fills them with special charm with the help of accents, details and accessories. Her interiors are like paintings, always filled with colors and expressive details. Glamorous interiors full of bright colors and all kinds of details are about Katrina Antonovich. The designer herself says that she likes to add a touch of luxury and lightheartedness to her work.

Creating Perfect Interior Design

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