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Black Marble for Kitchen Interior


Marble always has this stylish touch that you can’t deny, and when paired with a darker tone of color; marble would definitely look luxurious and extravagant. In today’s blog, you will witness the proper usage of marble to make sure that you will have an elegant kitchen interior design. From furniture to decorations, we have sourced the best details and materials for you. Black marble could give a sophisticated atmosphere in your area. If you are after the modern yet classic combined look then this one is the way to get. The utilization of black marble in this kitchen interior gives the entire room a different feel against other kitchen interior designs. From the finish to its details, everything is covered with grace and beauty thanks to the black marble that adds more personality to the kitchen area.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Kitchen Set

The excellent interior design continues from its corners. It is rare to find a kitchen with this huge and enormous glass window. Imagine looking outside while cooking your favorite meal. It is definitely a nice experience to imagine. Luxury Antonovich Design can make your dreams come true in any way possible. The floor to ceiling window display is a very excellent choice in your kitchen. It should not limit you in going beyond what is expected that is why Luxury Antonovich Design is always open to creating new things and venturing to greater ideas just like this one. The walls are made simple but still beautiful. Its clean design is perfect for the beauty of a kitchen. The walls help the other elements of the room to stand out. Other than the window and walls, Luxury Antonovich Design also added a stylish touch of marble in the flooring. This gray marble is an excellent choice when paired with a darker tone just like that black one on the other parts of the kitchen interior. It adds another depth of feeling in the interior design with its beautiful execution.

The overall color combination of this kitchen interior design is black, gold, and white. And we all know that these colors can give your room a beautiful and stunning look for your everyday cooking. Luxury Antonovich Design has different variations of this color combination but we always make sure that they are all unique and would come up certainly stylish and beautiful. We also added a beautiful and elegant set of lights. We know how important it is to have a gorgeous set of lights in the kitchen because it plays a huge role in making your food more appetizing and delicious. These lights are created with top quality materials.

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