Luxury and cozy the elite gorgeous bedrooms interiors , which is typical from studio Luxury Antonovich Design, makes a design of magic. Dream home design for bedroom reflects the trends of contemporary interiors, which are harmonious combines different styles, classical and art deco, modern style and neoclassicism. Exquisite improvisation with elements of decor styles and textures provide the basis for the unique beauty of each interior.

In the fashion the luxury and splendor with a touch of charm.

Those processing technology materials and methods of lighting that exist today make it possible implement the most daring fantasies and dreams. By erasing delicate balance between dream and reality of our customers, we create a new era of luxury. Dream home design for bedroom, a separate direction in the art of interior, becomes an elegant reflection of reality.
In the bedroom a special purpose, and it should give aesthetic and sensual pleasure. The design is inconceivable without the luxury bedroom ceiling decor. We create ceilings that can turn a head in delight. It's so nice, sitting on a luxurious bed to contemplate the wonderful features of the ceiling.

Design a bedroom in a classic style - is the mandatory use of stucco decoration, which can be supplemented with gold leaf.

A line of illumination and elegant chandeliers plays the beautiful game of light and shade. Design bedroom in Art Deco style involves special elegant mood, and in this case, harmoniously on the ceiling will look the mirror panels, canopies, lighting and elegant chandeliers. And, of course, the main role in the bedroom  interior story  is played by  a luxurious bed. Often the headboard is the whole image with the wall decor. A soft pillow may be supplemented with a skillfully carved rhinestones handmade decor. Bedroom Design today, of course, is subject to fashion trends. And one of these trends is the use of the interior decoration element such as upholstered wall panels.

Textile panels upholstered in velvet or silk, velour or genuine leather, with different kinds of sink marks, supplemented with mirrors and lighting, bring in the interiors bedrooms particularly elegant and magnificent mood. The design of the bedroom can include a design of the working room. Sometimes the wishes of the customer are the organization of the working space is in bedroom apartments. At any point emerged a brilliant idea it was possible to secure and work. Bedroom Design is increasingly influenced by new technologies, which raises the comfort to an unprecedented height. It is curtains which can be together or apart using the remote, fireplace that ignited by cotton and other pleasant things. Allow yourself the best, if you will order Dream home design for a bedroom from us and your interior will be a source of happiness and joy, giving only positive emotions and the relaxing moments.

The interior design, which we offer our clients, always reflect the fashion trends and form the ideal habitat for them.

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