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Bedroom Design for Extravagant Home


Blue, gold, and all kinds of beautiful things are put together in this lovely and extravagant bedroom design by the one and only Luxury Antonovich Design. We are the makers of the amazing bedroom and we put all our knowledge and effort in creating the best bedroom design not just in the United Arab Emirates, but across the world. If you want an interior design for your bedroom that is as beautiful as the pictures below, then you are just a click away by contacting us. With that said, we are also here to help you and describe each and every undertaking that went through in this very amazing bedroom design. The walls in this bedroom are very classic. You will love its simplicity, its cleanliness, and its one of a kind beauty. The walls are paired with an equally stunning mirror. The mirrors behind the headboard are immaculate. It is well designed with its floor-to-ceiling shape. The structure is amazing and is stunning on its own. you will love to see your gorgeous outfit of the day in these stunning mirrors. The main thing in every bedroom is its bed. The bed which is specifically designed by Luxury Antonovich design is beautiful. The blue and soft brown accents are amazing together. This combination is very popular and we made it more stunning with the perfect shade of brown that we chose. The headboard is stunning and the throw pillows are amazing. The soft blue color is gorgeous and the white small accents in the bed are magnificent.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Bed Interior Designer


The bedroom is not complete with its beautiful couches and sofas. The seating plan in the gorgeous brown and blue bedroom is well-planned. The couch is placed on the side and does not take a huge area in the spacious bedroom. Partnered with it are gorgeous throw pillows in blue and dark brown. The bedroom also has plants that give little greens in the brown and blue combination of this stunning bedroom. The plants are amazing and do not take so much attention in the bedroom. It is the perfect accent in an amazing bedroom. The lamp shades in each side of the bed are also as beautiful as the other accents. It is partnered with side tables that are short but beautiful. In order to have a stunning morning wake up call, we added an amazing curtain that goes from the floor to the room's ceiling. The brown pastel color of the curtain is magnificent and works well in the interior design of this beautiful bedroom. You will surely love waking up in this immaculate and splendid interior design of this bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design.

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