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Grand Home Bathroom Design


The bathroom should be one of the cleanest rooms in every house. We usually take out bathrooms for granted because we see it as a room that no we usually use. However, it should not be the case. In Luxury Antonovich Design, we take designing bathrooms seriously because we believe that bathrooms are the main area in everyone's house. This gold, wooden, marbled interior design is luxurious and very classic. The colors of the room are immaculate. You will want to turn this bathroom into its own bedroom because of its cleanliness and beauty. The details are amazing and the interior design is world-class. The mirror is huge and is unusual with its well-squared shape. We usually see mirrors in a rectangle or in vertical shape but this one by Luxury Antonovich Design is unique and executed properly. The mirror has borders in brown wood and has a cabinet underneath. This design is very feasible in huge bathrooms. Next is the bathtub. Who doesn't love a room with an amazing bathtub? The huge design has marbles all over it. This gives your bathroom a room for luxury. Extravagant details are well-put and the area is very spacious. This bathroom design is very relaxing with glass accents that are equally stunning.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Bathroom Designer


If you are longing for a bathroom that gives a neutral vibe for every gender, then you found it here in Luxury Antonovich Design. Aside from its amazing interior decoration and planning, the overall master plan of this bathroom is world-class. Not only is this bathroom beautiful, but it is also economical and ergonomic. The spacious bathroom and the tremendous floor area is superb. You will have plenty of open areas to move within this bathroom that we designed specifically for the richest. In Luxury Antonovich Design, you are given importance in every kind of room that we do. Just because it is a bathroom, it does not mean it should be simple and very usual. The materials that we used here had gone through extensive research so that the clients will have its lifestyle that they wanted. The door alone is amazing. You will want to have this door as a front door. The walls are greatly patterned and this kind of design is also applicable to any kinds of rooms in your house; be it in the living area, your kitchen, or bedroom or even outdoors, the design of this bathroom and its walls particularly are easily paired with in any kind of design. Interior designs are a must in every bathroom and the lighting that we did here is as important as every kind of materials.

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