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architectural firms in Sharjah

Architect design firm Sharjah

The architectural design Sharjah of Luxury Antonovich Design - is the development of working drafts, conceptual designs of buildings for different purposes, and of course design documents for reconstruction or new construction. Detailed design can be created for country houses and cottages. At the present stage of development, the main task of the architectural design is the organic merging the newly created city buildings with the existing architectural solutions.The main problem here for architectural design - save the look of the city, not to spoil the existing architectural solutions, enter new architectural forms organically and clearly using new technologies, and others. Building consultants in Dubai should clearly match the functional use of the created building and its external appearance.

In any case, architectural projects should not break away from the reality, the ideas may be different, but they must be realistic. In addition, the architectural design should at first take into account all phases of the building life, ensure the normal functioning of the entire system, and of course the legal side of this process.The architect must at first take into account the general plan, the necessary engineering systems and if there is a possibility to hide them in the architectural forms or vice versa, using engineering elements for the creation of a specific architectural style and new forms.

The architectural design Sharjah of the house by Luxury Antonovich Design

Let us consider the main stages of the architectural design. The first and kinda the main stage - the analysis of the object. At this stage of the new arch engineering consultants is necessary to get all the background information, photos, and videos, and based on the received information make a detailed analysis, to form certain architectural ideas and smoothly pass to the second stage of the architectural design Sharjah.

The second stage of architectural engineering consultants Sharjah - a concept of being created the project.Under the concept meant the idea and its implementation. The customer certainly receives the materials, estimates the project, generates a list of the necessary changes that need to be taken into account in the future architectural design.The concept, the second phase of architectural design makes it possible to evaluate the potential of the object to be created and clearly delineate further work. Get an overview of the projected facility, it is necessary to make an overall assessment at this stage of the architectural design.

This stage of architectural design can be divided into several sub-items:

1. compositional solution;
2. functional zoning and the creation of its generalized scheme;
3. the creation of a spatial scheme;
4. evaluation of the technical and economic situation.
The third stage of architectural design consultants - creation of the preliminary design that includes overall planning, floor planning, as well as the project scope. The draft project of design concepts consultants Sharjah - a preliminary stage, which determines architectural, structural, functional, artistic solutions for the object being created.  The fourth stage of architectural design - the creation of a working draft. Working Draft - a set of documentation that includes architectural section, constructive section, sewers, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning, heating. This entire set of documents is necessary for the harmonization of the object being created and further construction. The architectural section includes general information, floor plans, facades, roofs, items, parts, architectural section, explanatory note. Last, the fifth stage of architectural design - architectural supervision. Construction supervision includes actions aimed at to provide architectural, construction, technology and others solutions of the object that is being built in compliance with all parameters and requirements of the project documentation and the customer. As part of architectural supervision, architect consultant engineering Dubai periodically visit facilities in the construction process, solve emerging issues, clarify the details to the customer and builders.

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