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Amazing Design Which Takes Your Interior To Another Level


We have showcased living room designs with different styles and concepts for more than 10 years now. We love showcasing different designs and ideas to each client to make sure that we deliver the best idea for them. In this living room, you will see how we merged two different styles of classic and contemporary into one huge living room. With accents that are obviously classic and a base design which is considered to be more modern, you will definitely be inspired by this living room. When it comes to designing a contemporary living room, there will be some challenges, the good thing about it is that our team of amazing professionals is always ready to help you with anything that you need. We make sure that we balance each design with a modern touch and classic elements to keep a contemporary feel. We at Luxury Antonovich Design wants to achieve an aesthetically pleasing living room that you will surely love. 


Designing a contemporary living room is all about representing your home with amazing details and design. We make sure that we always spice things up by adding different elements that will suit your likings. We develop each place up to the choices of fixtures furniture. This living room has merged different areas of each home making it look more elegantly designed with beautiful pieces. We create stylish spaces with comfortability and functionality combined. The contemporary look is being well known globally and we need this to be more accepted in all of our design principles. We do not follow certain rules but we do follow our philosophy when it comes to designing. You will fall in love with the geometric flooring that is impressive and lively, while the classic chandelier creates a more luxurious feel in the entire home. Our wonderful team of professional is always here to help and deliver the best results. 

We would love to develop and help you with your interior design needs. We want to help you with every step of the way that is why it is also important that you share your thoughts about design with us. We will help you develop each space that will surely keep your home look and feel comfortable. We strategize according to the best experiences that we have and adjust for each client from there. We want to easily adapt to our client's style and needs that is why your demands are important to us. For more inspiration about interior design feel free to read about our recent blogs. If you're up to revamp your space then feel free to contact us anytime. We would gladly assist you with all your needs. 

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