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Luxurious Bedroom Design by Luxury Antonovich Design


Leopard, zebra, and fur all of these beautiful prints are what puts together this lovely animalistic bedroom design by Luxury Antonovich Design. We create an amazing bedroom design and we put all of our knowledge and craftsmanship in creating the best bedroom design not just in Dubai, but also internationally. With that being said, we are here to help you achieve your dream bedroom even the most exquisite designs can be made possible with our team. The animalistic vibe creates a safari looking bedroom that I know you'll love. You will love its complexity, its uniqueness, and its one of a kind design. The walls are paired with a luxurious mirror that makes elegant reflections of the room. The mirrors create an illusion of a bigger bedroom that is why it is perfect to be placed behind the headboard. The amazing jungle style creates a dynamic and lively place, especially with the accent plants. The bedroom is amazing with its featured custom design that is both inspiring and elegant. You'll see that the main design in this room is the bed with accenting fur sheets that adds to the safari theme of the bedroom. This bed is designed to be exclusive and personal which creates a customized look. The gold and animal prints look great together. The combination is quite a popular one especially with the nice modern and luxurious safari themed bedroom. The beautiful patterns and luxurious shades create a bedroom of your dreams.


A bedroom is never complete without beautiful sofas and couches that adds an accentuating piece in the bedroom. This beautiful bedroom has a pair of the couch that can be used as a relaxing space for drinking tea or even reading books. The accent chairs are placed in the middle of the room to create a balancing look in the spacious bedroom. These couches are partnered with beautiful throw pillows with a matching printed design. The bedroom also has beautiful plants that give a little touch of color which creates a lovely hue in this bedroom. The plants are amazing to improve your oxygen and it does not take so much attention in the bedroom. It is the perfect accent in this safari-themed bedroom. You will also notice the lamps in the bedroom which makes a beautiful and elegant lighting detail. We also added a floor to ceiling curtain which is complementing with the whole bedroom theme. The brown and gold curtain shades are a very nice reflection of a luxurious bedroom design. You will definitely love every day in this stunning safari themed bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design. 

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