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Best Interior Designer Pakistan

Best Interior Designer Pakistan

Luxury Antonovich Design is the team who designs these works of art. Their landscapes have impeccable designs creating a nice cozy place for clients. Ensuring their safety and their comfort. The Chief Designer Katrina Antonovich believes about functionality in a home.Interior designing is not just about how it looks or what is pleasing and is more than just selecting fabrics and paint colors.

Luxury Antonovich Design provides our clients solutions and our chief interior designer is the one who develops the interiors. We get to the heart of the home and design spaces that have the function, aesthetic and quality that our client is looking for.

Interior designers evaluate the space, find out what the client’s needs are, come up with different options that make the best use of the square footage based on what the client wants to accomplish, and then discuss them with the client to determine the best possible solution.

There are many challenges that come with design such as accessibility and aging-in-place, that’s why we at Luxury Antonovich design makes sure that we provide the best and quality designs for our clients.

When designing, we always think about how we can transform people’s lives and make their quality of life better. We at Luxury Antonovich Design create timeless masterpieces that is accompanied with style and luxury.

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