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Bathroom design of Katrina Antonovich

The interior of an elite house reflected that its owners have achieved great success and can afford the very best. Very bright taste of owners and their understanding of beauty are embodied by the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio interior designers in every room, including a large bathroom with a window. You, undoubtedly, will for a long time stop your look on detailed 3D visualization of the bathroom interior. Each element of the decor is so beautiful and every element of the decor is part of an integral and artistically expressive picture. A large bathtub is located by the window, which is decorated with beautiful curtains made of silk in golden tones. Nearby there is a shower cabin made of frosted glass with gold lines. All the walls in this part of the bathroom space are decorated with a luxurious mosaic with floral ornaments. The ceiling design repeats the decorative motifs in the living room. On the snow-white pearly surface, the decorative curls of the stucco decoration look great. And in the center, the interior of the bathroom was decorated with an elegant crystal chandelier. The interior is dominated by a classic style with beautiful accents of baroque. This style was reflected by designers in massive carved gilded frames that adorned mirrors and furniture items. The floor of natural marble was decorated with beautiful authors patterns. In this design project, there is no place for trivialities, every square centimeter is filled with luxurious decors. The entrance door is encrusted with carving. Accents of additional illumination make the bathroom interior brighter and fascinating.

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