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Bathroom decor luxury ideas


Not infrequently, we are faced with the problem of choosing finishing materials when repairing a bathroom. At the same time it is worth paying special attention to giving not only a beautiful look, but also choosing a durable material. Luxury Antonovich Design bathroom is small in size, therefore it is very important to design a great interior. The most popular today is mosaic.

This type of bathroom finishing has several advantages:

— An interesting and stylish interior solution;

— Easy to clean;

— High quality of the proposed finishing materials.

Tile mosaic is an excellent option for bathroom design. This type of fit-out material allows you to delicately transform the interior.

Owners of small bathrooms feel that the lack of space limits their ability to stylishly and comfortably equip the interior. Do not worry, there are many ways to make even a very tiny room cozy, beautiful and functional. Moreover, the design of a small bathroom is often more original, due to bold decorative solutions and the rational use of space from Luxury Antonovich Design.


Modern bathroom design ideas are mostly minimalism. It provides for the use of the most discreet and at the same time beautiful elements. A variety of fit-out materials, types of plumbing and furniture provide an opportunity to dream and make dreams come true. Textiles, lighting elements and accessories will complement the furnishings and make the design of Luxury Antonovich Design bathroom inimitable. Beauty and functionality best describe the interior of the bathroom in this project, which reflects the balance between fashion and comfort. Our designers made sure that this room was harmoniously combined with the rest of the apartment.

For decoration, it was decided to use light colors, white and beige marble. And dark colors were used for accessories and small details — for accents — gray marble mosaic with golden elements. Mirrors are a separate topic in talking about the interior design of a small bathroom. With their help, we created the illusion of infinity space. Mirrors can be used everywhere: shelves, cabinets, walls, ceiling. Decorators carefully thought out the lighting of a small bathroom by Luxury Antonovich Design. And our professional designers recommend using a multi-level, bright light. Even a small bathroom can be the epicenter of beauty and comfort. The main thing is to correctly decorate the walls, buy the right furniture and plumbing. The style you prefer will also dictate the rules, so consider the nuances.

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