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Architecture drawing for residential projects by Antonovich Design

Architectural drawing for residential projects

In developing a project design, the development of architectural drawings or technical drawing will be the first stages of work procedures that require to be completed. The success of every structural design either for any type of project will be depending on how the architectural drawing has been perfectly accomplished. That is why it very important to choose the best architecture and design firm to perform full project development. This amazing residential design is one of the best examples of a project that has been done through systematic procedures of architectural drawing development. As it has the perfect balance in style and spacing, this amazing residential project is featuring a different set of special design features towards the full architecture and landscape design. From the main layout of the project, every detailed measurement and parameter has to be developed and very well processed wherein the architectural drawings will be well presented according to the design requirement. The architectural drawing is the section deals with the conventional views used to represent a building, structure, or residential design. Every architectural drawing involves a floor planning wherein the most fundamental architectural diagram, a view from above showing the arrangement of spaces of the drawing in the same way as a layout or the map, at the same time showing the arrangement at a particular level of the residential structure.

Architectural drawing involves the following structure:

  • Parameters and scale
  • Floor plan
  • Site plan
  • Elevation
  • Cross-section
  • Detailed drawings
  • Perspective drawing
  • Sketches and diagrams
  • Drafting

Types of architectural drawings

  1. Presentation drawings
  2. Survey drawings
  3. Record drawings
  4. Working drawings

Systematic procedures for architectural drawings by Luxury Antonovich Design

As the top architectural and interior design company, Luxury Antonovich Design is the most trusted firm when it comes to the full project requirement for every residential, commercial, hospitality, and another establishment as it has the full ability to perform a world-class procedures and development from the architectural drawing, space planning, layout arrangement, interior design implementations up to the turnkey solution. Since the success of every project, the design is coming from the systematic development of the architectural drawing and project layout, it is very important to perform detailed procedures by following the requirements and guidelines of the international standards of architectural, engineering and interior design. Luxury Antonovich design is always making sure to perform a detailed activity in the most creative and stylish procedures that converts the potential of a landscape into a beautiful edifice. This process greatly involves the creativity and management creating structures that meet the practical design according to the client/ owner requirement.

Luxury Antonovich design always performs an excellent project procedure begins with every architectural drawing and after that the construction process. As it has been composed of the top-notch team, they are offering a full range of services from the initial brief drawing up to the turnkey solution. Luxury Antonovich design has its in-house engineers, architects and designers that have the full ability to perform an outstanding architectural design as they are considered as the highly skilled in integrating your ideas and to meet every requirement of the client/ owner for a unique structural design.

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