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Architectural consultants in dubai


Architectural Consultants are the ones who create functional spaces within a Project; it is either, Residential, Commercial or Industrial. All the decorative Materials for the project is the furnishing or decorating of a space with trendy or lovely things Architectural Designers involves delivering the planning, efficient design and the actual use of space, as associated to Architectural decorating. They will undertake projects that include positioning the basic layout of spaces within the project that involves a considerate of technical subjects such as window and door positioning, and lighting. Although Architectural Consultants may generate the outline of a space, they may not alter the walls without having their designs stamped for approval by a structural engineer. As they often work directly with engineers and contractors. We are mentioning this special points concerning the Architectural Consultants, As this feature project has been contributed to a very big role in Completing the final design.

This Architectural work of art tends to be a purist in a white scheme with a slight lining touch of black. The elevation of this project has been done symmetrically with a perfect balance of various sized of Windows and Main Door. The Roof scheme has been completed with concrete materials and yet we have managed to design it with natural plants to at least have a greenish touch on the upper area of the structure. Even the fence design has been finished with a same pure white color as per the client requirement. What we did is to select a premium class paint to be able to maintain the best quality of the scheme for a very long time. The main door of this house is made up of the high quality of glass materials same as we have used on the windows. The Gate design was elegantly installed with a finishing of metallic grills in its very stylish design. Even that this project has a spacious area in the front, the owner has been decided to make a very simple yet elegant landscape design by arranging natural plant towards the Main Entrance of the house and manage to locate the Garage on the other side of it to have a very graceful setup.

Luxury Antonovich Design Manage to create a very Unique and Exclusive Project towards every Work. We do believe that Originality of every Architectural Design defines how Professional and Talented the Consultants is. The 100% Originality of Structure that we are creating is adding up with our positive points and gives us more positive comments from our valued Clients. Working with Passion and Great Inspiration is our mission to exceed every clients expectation towards every work.

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