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Amazing Floor Decor


The use of marble for facing the floor was important even in ancient times, and today the use of such material does not go out of fashion. Marble can rightly be called the most beloved finishing material of designers from Luxury Antonovich Design, so facing the floors with marble looks very impressive and elegant, emphasizes the status of the owner of the house, creating a unique atmosphere of luxury and charm in the house.

There are many interesting design solutions from the team of Luxury Antonovich Design professionals to create the most beautiful and elegant floor, depending on what result you want to achieve. Marble flooring is carried out in different ways and with different elements:

— facing tiles made of marble;

— large marble slabs (slabs);

— ready-made marble panels that make up the floors of large halls, banquet rooms, as well as bathrooms, living rooms and even bedrooms;

— Marble mosaic is something incredible. Miniature tiles can be laid in different ways to form an unusual pattern, to create a whole artistic composition.


Interior decoration is quite a responsible process. The emergence of all new materials greatly expands the choice. However, interest in traditional technologies is not diminishing. And marble floors by Luxury Antonovich Design are even more popular today.

Marbled floors are universal, harmoniously look in any interior style, perfectly combined with any wall decoration. Luxury Antonovich Design company supplies the best products from natural marble and offers to perform a full range of work on the subsequent lining of surfaces. We work with the best suppliers of natural stone, so we can guarantee the high quality of our products.

Advantages of marble in the interior are:

— naturalness and environmental friendliness;

— the possibility of polishing to eliminate chips;

— durability;

— ability to withstand significant loads;

— chemical resistance;

— moisture resistance;

— abrasive resistance.

In the modern world marble mosaic decoration is a universal solution that blends in with almost any design direction and, as a truly classic interior decoration, will emphasize your exquisite taste, style and personality. Our interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design will help you to decide on the stylistic orientation of artistic floor decoration of kitchens, bathrooms, pools, fireplaces, halls and entrances of your home.

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