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Aluminum Structures — Design And Installation


How to create a style for your building, take care of comfort? Luxury Antonovich Design offers a comprehensive professional solution — aluminum translucent structures. Production and installation of aluminum structures, sliding aluminum structures — all this can be offered by Luxury Antonovich Design. Aluminum profiles are made of a composite material — an alloy of aluminum, silicon and magnesium. Its main characteristics come out of it — it is light in weight, flexible in production and durable in operation material. If you need a non-standard solution, or a large-size design, then this is only aluminum manufactured by our company.

Professional Team Of Designers Headed By Katrina Antonovich

We work only with professional heat engineers and architects. Our production capacity is sufficient for the rapid implementation of a large project. At the same time, we guarantee compliance with all construction, sanitary and other standards. Doors, profiles for partitions, glazing and other products have quality certificates. Aluminum translucent structures can be of the most non-standard types: they are used to make durable aluminum entrance doors, sliding doors of large sizes, winter gardens, glass roofs, various facade structures, and ventilated facades. Aluminum is hard in itself, which is why it does not require a reinforced amplifier and allows you to create entire separate rooms.


A great alternative to wooden and metal-plastic doors and windows are aluminum profile constructions by Luxury Antonovich Design. This is the latest technology, which is widely used by architects to apply interesting design solutions to their projects or large areas are glazed. Today, aluminum structures are used not only within the architecture, but also in the glazing of various kinds of rooms: balconies, apartments, offices.

Our company is engaged in:

— Manufacture of aluminum structures;

— Production of light-transparent aluminum and steel structures;

— Production of all-glass constructions;

— Integrated development of the architectural shell of the building — stained-glass structures and ventilated facades;

— Glazing and all-glass constructions — aluminum windows, aluminum doors, glazing of balconies, facade glazing, illuminated lights, entrance groups, winter gardens;

— Office partitions — mobile, plumbing, stationary.

Aluminum constructions from Luxury Antonovich Design provide many opportunities in the implementation of exclusive design solutions. The level of capabilities of our translucent aluminum structures is striking in its scale of implementation and complexity of engineering solutions. To create a thoughtful design of the project and determine the peculiarities of its construction without modern technology. Therefore, the creation of aluminum structures is strictly according to plan and hourly schedule. Thus, our company performs its work quickly, which guarantees the delivery of the project in due time. Luxury Antonovich Design Company specialists are professionals in their field, thanks to whom you will make your dream come true!

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