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4 bedroom house plans by Luxury Antonovich Design

If we draw analogies between interior design and music, then this bedroom interior is certainly a beautiful symphony of luxury in the classical style. The interior is so multifaceted and deep that one can devote more than one page of text to it, but if it stops at the most important, it becomes clear how beautiful interiors are born. The classical style owes its popularity to the opportunity to emphasize the respectability of a house or apartment, and to create not just an interior, but something historical and eternal, comparable to a work of art. Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design has for many years specialized in creating elite interiors in a classical style. Studio designers have achieved high skill and virtuosity in their favorite business. The interior of the luxurious bedroom breathes with freshness and uniqueness of ideas. A light range of colors fills the room with ease and romance. Designers literally filled every square centimeter with a beautiful decor. And every curl is not accidental. So, the wall behind the headboard was decorated with stucco decoration in the form of a family coat of arms. Such moments of modern technologies, like new ways of lighting, allow us to supplement the interior with bright accents and highlight the necessary details. The symbolism of the family with the help of soft illumination brought to the interior beautiful aristocratic notes. Accurate stucco is present in the walls decor, framing the panels, and in the decor of the ceiling, the lush petals elegant crystal chandelier surrounding. Wooden paneling is filled with beautiful silk wallpaper.

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