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Bright bedroom design

Bedroom Design

As true as it may sound, bedrooms are very much important in a house. It is the most special place in a home because this is where people rest after having a long and tiring day of work. This bedroom design in Lagos is everything that a luxurious person would dream of. The nude and gild color palette is a rare combination but a very beautiful finishing for elegant rooms like this. The furniture and fixtures all go together and complement each other in a way that they will all look cohesive and more uniform. The gold finish adds a certain accent that is still subtle and cozy.

It is important not to place a lot in a bedroom but only the essentials that fit in the taste of the homeowner. The style of the room depends on what the clients needs are. Some like it fashionable and more exquisite but some like it with more simple elements giving it a minimalist contemporary approach. The idea of designing a bedroom in Laos is based on royalties and on their state of life.

Gold color scheme for a bedroom design

Using gold reflect the traditional riches of Lagos which is known for their fine gold and heavy metal minerals. Gold symbolizes prosperity and elegance which is what a dream bedroom should look like. It is well designed for elegance and luxury giving the homeowners a taste of their hard work and effort in achieving their dream bedroom.

Costing for a bedroom design in

Efficiently the cost of every bedroom is different from each other. By calculating the amount per room you may be able to renovate or build one room at a time. The furniture and fixtures in a bedroom are also important which also comes with a price.

Bedroom Color Palette

Colors are often connected to peoples mood. It is important to use such a neutral color in this room to base with so that the gold accents do not overpower and just complements the base color. Giving the room a light and bright paint makes it look bigger and makes the fit much better.

Windows in a bedroom

Lighting is one of the main things to consider in building this bedroom in Lagos. It is very important to add a window where natural lighting would pass through. Having huge windows like this is more cost efficient because it lets natural light and you wont have to use electricity. Windows are also a great source of ventilation to make sure that your bedroom is naturally cleaning the air.

Furniture in bedroom

Every bedroom should have a furniture that just fits right to the floor plan. The skirted bed in the image above is a nice symmetrical detail that adds a classic touch to the modern designs. The sun emblem on top of the bed is a nice element that invites positivity to the entire room. The accent furniture is more in the khaki shade to give balance to the entire bedroom.

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