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Luxury Villa in Al Ain

The interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design - is an art that will go down in history. Each new project - a new masterpiece creativity of the talented designer Katrina Antonovich. This villa project represents a new interpretation of the classical and Oriental styles. These two directions the designer artfully combines the design of the villa project in Sharjah. Each interiors story begins with the entrance design. And this decision is impressive for its beauty and eccentricity.

An interior designer reflects amazing warmth and hospitality the owners of the villa every moment.

And in the lobby, visitors are welcomed by the incredible beauty of a relaxation area with a round sofa. The sofa is a stationary structure of pure white marble, which is covered with soft cushions. A small podium in the middle is decorated with a small coffee table and a carved marble pattern. The end of the carved marble had covered with gold leaf. For the design project, authors had proposed a white Italian marble with carved patterns.Arty-crafty ornament made of marble dark rocks on the floor became one of the main decorations of the interior of the villa in Sharjah.

Ceiling Decor gracefully follows the contours of recreation areas. This iteration has become a round stained glass window with a large crystal chandelier in the center. The decor of the walls we observing majestic modesty. The main part of the surface is decorated with subdued gray plaster. Its complemented by stucco and marble pilasters. On this background, art paintings look great with special lighting. The interiors glowing beauty is sure to impress the most discerning connoisseurs of luxury in the world.

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