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Villa design in Kuwait

Villa design in Kuwait can be absolutely everything - a combination of classic and avant-garde, Art Deco and Baroque, minimalism and the Renaissance. Therefore, the uniqueness of this design lies in avoiding the traditional, outdated interior solutions. Villa design in Kuwait involves using in the decoration of home or apartment, luxurious, rare, often antique objects, which are the epitome of high artThese details allow us not only to focus on a particular element of the interior but also become the missing link, finishing a big picture.

Using an unusual color palette, nonstandard space zoning , methods of increasing the functionality of the room - all this is the work of professionals under the leadership of renowned designer and architect, creator of luxury interiors Katrina Antonovich. The company more than 15 years working on the creation of unique beauty and comfort the interiors, of luxury homes around the world. Professionals of this team developed more than 1,000 unique projects of private residences, apartments, and office space. The company's specialists are closely monitoring global trends in interior design, attending international trade fairs throughout Europe.

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