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Villa Interior Design in Dubai

Welcome to the wonderful world of beauty of the interior in a classic style. We are very pleased to present our new interior project of a country house. Classics, remaining relevant for centuries, every year becomes more and more beautiful and perfect. Interior designers the studio Luxury Antonovich Design unite the best and time-tested traditions, their innovative ideas and modern technologies to achieve such a beautiful result. Like every interior story here everything starts from a luxurious hall. And considering all the rooms in the house, you can argue a little, that it was the hall that became the most beautiful part of the interior. The premise turned out very elegant and picturesque. The floor of natural marble, like the canvas of a great artist, is adorned with beautiful patterns of stone several kinds.On a light background, curls of a dark brown, beige and green hue look juicy and expressively. The decor of the walls has become a harmonious way to smoothly move from the elegant floor to a no less elegant ceiling. Boiserie filled with elite silk wallpaper of natural silk with damask ornaments. The interior was stylishly complemented by cantilevered tables and mirrors in carved frames. Now lets lift our head and enjoy the luxurious ceiling. Undoubtedly the main decoration that attracts the eye become a beautiful stained-glass framing an elegant chandelier. Its patterns and color scheme exquisitely echo with the floor decor.To highlight the stained glass and make it more expressive, interior designers decorate the rest of the ceiling with neat curls of stucco decor on a smooth white background.The interior of the house begins with a luxurious mood, and the hall makes the right first impression. More details about the beauty and exquisite decor of the living room can be found in the section of our portfolio dedicated to the living rooms.

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