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Tremendous luxury swimming pool


There is nothing better than a refreshing swim in a cool pool. Everyone loves to spend time in some fancy, luxurious swimming pool. The only better thing than a swimming pool, is a swimming pool with some extravagant design. If you have such a pool, it is gonna be the focal center in your house.

Luxury Antonovich Design is a company that provides services in pool design and decoration. it is a big pleasure for us to offer you the most wide choice of different kinds of pool ideas — from the form and shape — to materials and finishing.

There are two types of swimming pool construction — in-ground pool, and above ground pool. If to look closer to in-ground pools, there are the biggest variety of their shapes:

— rectangle pool;

— Gothic pool;

— oval pool;

— round pool;

— Grecian pool;

— Roman pool;

— L-Shape pool;

— lagoon pool;

— oasis pool;

— t-shape pool, etc.


When it comes to choose the pool materials, Luxury Antonovich Design is always here to help you with any question you have. There are four standard and basic types of materials for construction in-ground pools. Each of them can have strengths as well as weaknesses:

— concrete (customizable, durable, has pretty look);

— vinyl (very flexible, easy to customize, has many patterns);

— fiberglass (the most fast way to build a swimming pool, it is made with different shapes);

— shotcrete (such pools are built by blasting a mix of sand, water and concrete, which goes from a pneumatically-driven applicator).

If you can not decide what to choose, Luxury Antonovich Design professional team will give the best advice, taking into account all your preferences, wishes and whims.

After you feel confident in materials and shapes, the other step — is to choose the style and concept. There are few preffered pool styles, that are always in fashion and are perfectly combined with the house interiors. Some of them are:

Classic rectangle and lap pool. Is the kind of pool, which is one of the best option in luxurious and modern house, it never goes out of the style, perfectly matches the surroundings.

Infinity pool (vanishing-edge or negative-edge pool). It is a swimming pool or other artificial water reservoir, where water flows over one or more edges, giving the impression that the surface has no boundaries.

Overflow pool (pool with overflow). These are constructions with built-in gutters for outflow of overflowing water, it provides the constant maintenance of the water level at which water is on a par with the side of the pool.

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