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In choosing the right company that will be able to conduct the interior fit-out work, there are important guidelines that need to follow. This method is to assure that the property owner will be selecting the right team that will be handling the complete fit-out development towards the project. In Dubai, there are many interior fit-out companies that are offering different services. However, the property owners should also know and consider the exact requirement that they need to complete their property. From the interior design concept, materials, furniture’s and even the allotted budget for the project development should always be plotted even before the fit-out work begins.

In Dubai, there are companies that offer absolute services with complete design executions which include consultancy and planning. In this stage, the client and the fit-out team will be conducting a set of meeting to be able to finalize each and every requirement which will be stated in the agreement. During this procedure, there will be brainstorming and special consultancy from the interior fit-out expert. This will notify how the project will be conducted and be finalized with agreement/ contract signing for the project.

The best among the top interior fit-out companies in Dubai is Luxury Antonovich Design. This prestigious company has been recognized internationally with its finest works and expertise in all types of interior fit-out development procedures not only in Dubai but also internationally.


• Determine the important spaces in interior design

• Set and communicate the budget

• Establish how much space is needed

• Make contingency for future growth and expansion where necessary

• Determine how the spaces and interior settings should be arranged.

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