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Suberb & Bespoke Bathroom Design


Bathrooms are often neglected in an interior design, oftentimes they are simple and minimalist. However, In this luxury bedroom interior design that Luxury Antonovich Design has created; they made sure that every corner of the room is designed with so much power and style.

Similar to the photos above, the luxury bedroom interior design has all the essentials however, the company has amplified it so much that it creates a beautiful ambiance in the room. The glorious green abstract in the bathtub is a show stopper! The design is just so beautiful that you would feel like you are in a five-star hotel. The luxury bedroom interior design also has two very beautiful mirrors where you can look at your beauty all day. Its beautiful outline is draping in the shiny finish which creates an extra luxurious feel to it.

The luxury bedroom interior design also has a very nice layout all throughout the room. The spacious design can make you feel at ease as you can move around easily without any disturbance.

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