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Stunning Bedroom Design Dubai


This modern-day of living made every individual to for multi-tasking things whether it is for work, households and even some personal activities. Time and space have become so much important. That is why even our personal spaces like bedrooms also deserve a wonderful treat, not only for rearrangement or renovations but to also create a more functional and useful space. A lot of working individuals are still functioning up with a work from home systems. That is why one of the most in-demand services that the Luxury Antonovich Design is dealing with is bedroom renovations and home office upgrades. This bedroom project by Luxury Antonovich Design has shared how a stylish bedroom interior design can be very attractive at the same time achieves the most functional setting.

The bedroom interior design is filled with pure white walls and ceilings with a very classy accent of details and decoration. To be able to achieve the best bedroom interior design in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design creates a very nice ceiling scheme with a perfect lighting arrangement. At the center of this amazing ceiling is a modern-style crystal chandelier in a pendant round shape design. To achieve the perfect form of style and coziness of this bedroom interior design Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design selected perfect accent hues such as blue and dark beige. The bed set has a simple design yet very classy details, from the selection of cushion design, bed bench, and most importantly how the magnificent headboard design is formed. A set of very artistic lamps is perfectly arranged towards both sides of the bed as well as a very nice decoration on the working desk.

The working desk is facing the window; it will help to have a more creative and fresh mind while working. On the other side of the bedroom is very wonderful joinery works for the cabinetry as the closet. Aside from being the provider of the best interior design in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design has its expert joinery team that specializes in expert solutions and products for all types of joinery works. With the perfection in every joinery detail, Luxury Antonovich Design has indeed achieved the most stunning bedroom design in Dubai.

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