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Splendid Villa Interior Design

The most expensive houses, which creates the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design are real masterpieces, which are subject to neither time nor taste changes.And first of all, this applies to villas interiors in a classic style. To this day, the classic style is at the peak of popularity in the luxury interiors. He embodies respectability, gentility and the highest degree of aesthetic perfection. This new project house in the classical style became the basis for a new family nest for a large and happy family.Each square meter of the interior is filled with deep philosophical meaning. Every design decision interconnected and harmoniously.The interior impresses with a combination of the solemnity of the royal palace and the warmth of home comfort. Luxuriously and presentable looks Dubai curtains with lambrequins of soft silk in the living room interior.The design of curtains for the hall is designed to harmoniously continue luxurious mood in the room. Each room is made in the best traditions of the classics. For wall decor, interior designers use wallpapers for home, and stucco decoration, decorative plaster, bas-relief on the walls and stained-glass windows. The story of an interior design begins at a beautiful lobby and continues in each room with its own unique and special mood. According to the project house, was provided space for a library and private office. The design of the hall fully reflects respectability the house owners and their impeccable taste. The design of the hall, pictures of completed projects that have already commissioned, reflects exact embodiment of all design ideas. Stucco decor in the interior is a mandatory element of interior design. In addition, a room can be decorated with painted stucco. Parquet Salon Luxury Antonovich Design also offers its customers unique solutions of design flooring. In this project, flooring adorns luxurious decorative parquet of wood valuable species.

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