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Luxury Interior Design at Dubai Blue Waters Apartment

The decoration and fit-out of this Emaar apartment is done in an elegant and aesthetically attractive orientation. A light tint palette prevails here, which visually increases the area of the apartment space. It also provides an excellent backdrop for displaying colorful decorations, designer furniture and home decoration.

Owners' love for modern design and entertainment events influenced the selected layout of the apartment and the choice of design. The kitchen was equipped with modern and functional equipment for culinary art in creating delicious dishes. The dining and living areas are not only open, but also extremely spacious.

Just pay attention to the design of the terrace with a delightful furniture set. Elegant sofas and armchairs, modern equipment, floral arrangements and dazzling illumination allow you to bring dazzling radiance and warmth to the decor.

The general view of the apartment designed by Luxury Antonovich Design is very fresh. Luxurious interior and exterior fit-out materials filled a significant amount of space. For adding some drama touch and chic to the neutral color scheme, our designers used contrasting furniture in bright colors, decorative elements made using transparent glass, as well as bright colors with exquisite accessories.

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