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Consulting engineer

How much money does a consulting engineer make?

It is always very important to know that a Consulting the engineer is earning Money according to their professionalism, Project Contract, and agreements between the client, subcontractors, and supplier. Every contract and agreement will be assessed by the professional accountant that will do the full calculation for the full project cost and distribution of every expense. Every Agreements and Contract and all the stated details and information should be always according to UAE Law. A Consulting Engineers has a very broader job description as we think as every project requires their full attention and focus towards every work.

Every Project has different Costing and requirements, and before every consulting engineer receives the profit of every work, the full project expense has gone thru a long accounting assessment to make sure that they will be receiving the amount that they deserve after the full calculation for the entire project expense. Luxury Antonovich Design Team is always making sure that every stage of the project is very well audited and estimated. We have a very professional team that monitors every expenses and income in every stages of the project. We are always making sure that we follow the Engineering rules under the UAE Law to achieve the most accurate and successful computation. In that way, the Management Team is making sure that the full Project profit will be equally divided from the management, government fees, suppliers, subcontractors, and Consulting Engineer.

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