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Super Modern Kitchen Concept

The Heart of the home

Being the center of the home the Kitchen truly plays an important part. Each day begins in the kitchen by cooking hearty meals for the family, to ending it with a nice home cooked dinner at the end of the day! The kitchen deserves to be a wonderful and serene environment so you can bond and talk about how your day went. Having a well-designed kitchen is also investing in your familys health and happiness by putting up a functional and modern design with aesthetically pleasing value. It is best to hire a professional who knows the workarounds of a kitchen just like the Luxury Antonovich Design company.

Kitchen Know-How

Here are some of the things to know how the Luxury Antonovich Designs a well aesthetically lit kitchen for you and your family. This custom home kitchen design has a functional layout that is professional and well detailed.

  • The Layout: The Luxury Antonovich Design company firmly believes that the kitchen layout is the most crucial part of building your modern kitchen. Every detail needs to be considered. All the plumbings, water pipes, and electricals are well hidden and sure that there are no leakage and other problems that will arise in the future.
  • The Budget: Budget allocation is also important in building a kitchen, think of it as your personal investment that you will benefit from in the long run. Having a well-designed kitchen comes with a price, but youll surely get what you pay for.
  • Countertops: Natural elements are a great option, with this kitchen model shown above the company choose to put in a granite that is seamless and can stand the fire and heat of the kitchen.
  • Sink: The kitchen sink is always used whether its for cleaning up hands or even washing the dishes, it is important to have a sink that does not leave water marks and easy to clean. Granite sink is also a great option to pair with your granite countertops for a luxurious and durable feel.
  • The backsplash: Avoiding oil splashes and watermarks on your walls? This model has a backsplash that looks perfect and complements the countertops and sink.
  • The interior: The white paint with a secondary color of grey and brown adds a pleasing aesthetic to your kitchen design. Leaving a warm and cozy area for all your meals. The glass cabinets allow you to see the utensils and create a nice display of them in your cabinet.

A high-standard and durable kitchen are perfect for your home. Plan it carefully and seek our professionals advice. The Luxury Antonovich Design company has designed over a thousand kitchen and it has truly amazed every client that they have designed for.

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