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Interior design in Sharjah from Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of modern and comfortable projects. Creative ideas of interior designers of Sharjah and the use of the new technologies are the basis of the unique beauty of the projects. We have created the dozens of projects of luxury villas, hotels, restaurants and offices in Sharjah. And we are ready to offer our customers the best solutions, which are never repeated. Interior design in Sharjah is a new vision of beauty, comfort and convenience.

In this direction, our design studio in Sharjah offers its customers a full range of services. The talented team of professionals are ready to offer the implementation of the project of any complexity. From children's interior design, living room, bedroom, the grand project of the hotel, restaurant, retail and entertainment complex. Interior design in Sharjah from Luxury Antonovich Design includes also additional services such as assistance in the selection of decor items, furniture and creation of the family logo.

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